Our School Philosophy


The Discovery MI Preschool bases its school philosophy on the multiple intelligences theory of Dr Howard Gardner. Our school philosophy and unique curriculum combines the multiple intelligences theory of education with Montessori based materials and resources to ensure the social, academic, physical and emotional development of each child in our school.


Our school philosophy uses the multiple intelligences theory. Each classroom provides developmentally appropriate activities for self and group learning in the areas of numeracy, literacy, sensorial and practical life skills. Led by a Montessori-certified teacher and an early childhood qualified assistant teacher, children are encouraged to practice specific ‘works’ that develop their skills in each of these areas.


The Discovery MI Preschool believes that every child should be encouraged to discover their world, explore new things and that learning should be fun as well as challenging.


Research has shown that quality preschool education is an important foundation in childhood development. At the Discovery MI Preschool we are committed to ensuring all our children learn, play and grow, knowing that the skills they learn will be the building bocks for future academic and personal growth.

School Philosophy - Discovery MI Preschool